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      • SLT86BLG BLDC gear motor
      • SLT86BLG BLDC gear motor
      • SLT86BLG BLDC gear motor
      • SLT86BLG BLDC gear motor
      • SLT86BLG BLDC gear motor
      • SLT86BLG BLDC gear motor
    Product Details
    电机规格/Electrical Specification:
    规格单位 型号/Model
    相数       Number Of PhasePhase3
    极数       Number Of PolesPoles8
    额定电压   Rated VoltageVDC48
    额定转速   Rated SpeedRpm3000
    额定转矩   Rated TorqueN.m0.350.
    额定功率   Rated PowerW110220330440660
    机身长度L1 Body Lengthmm7184.598111.5138.5
    *Note: We can manufacture products according to customer's requirements.
    齿轮箱规格/Gearbox Electrical Specification:
    减速比          Reduction ratio45101620254050100
    减速级数        Number of geartrains13
    传动效率        Transmission efficiency91%82%
    额定负载        Rated  torque50 N.m80 N.m
    最大负载        Max rated torque100 N.m160 N.m
    减速箱长度L2    length(mm)7590
    *注:使用环境相对湿度:20%~85%RH; 使用环境相对温度:-10℃~+80℃。
    *Note: Operating ambient humidity:20%~85%RH; Operating ambient temp:-10℃~+80℃。


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