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    What is 24V brushless motor


    The 24V brushless motor consists of a motor body and a driver and is a typical mechatronic product. Since the brushless DC motor is operated in a self-controlled manner, it does not add a start winding to the rotor like a synchronous motor with a heavy-duty starting under variable frequency speed regulation, and it does not cause oscillation and loss of synchronization when the load is abrupt. The permanent magnets of the medium and small capacity brushless DC motors are now mostly made of rare earth neodymium iron boron materials with high magnetic energy levels. Therefore, the volume of the rare earth permanent magnet brushless motor is reduced by one frame number compared with the same capacity three-phase asynchronous motor.24V brushless motor (1).jpg

    The 24V brushless motoruses semiconductor switching devices for electronic commutation, which replaces traditional contact commutators and brushes with electronic switching devices. It has the advantages of high reliability, no commutation spark, low mechanical noise, etc. It is widely used in high-end recording stands, video recorders, electronic instruments and automated office equipment.

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