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    Advantages of High torque bldc gear motor


    With the continuous upgrading and improvement of motors, more kinds of motors are gradually appearing in shopping malls. High torque bldc gear motor is one of them. Each product has its own prominent points. Following is a brief introduction of the advantages and characteristics of high torque bldc gear motor.

    24V brushless motor (1).jpg

    There are many differences between brushless motor and brushless motor in energy saving and maintenance. In energy saving, brushless motor uses frequency conversion technology to control power, which reduces the power consumption of equipment in use and effectively reduces the cost of production. Brush motors need to be replaced regularly when they are repaired. If they are not replaced for a long time, the motor will be damaged. Brushless motors do not need to replace parts when they are in use, and the use cycle is longer than that with brushes, and the number of daily maintenance in the use of the motor is relatively small, but if there is damage, the motor should be replaced.

    Because of its small size, small storage space and light weight, brushless motor can meet the needs of most users, and it is also very convenient in transportation and transportation. The permanent magnet is used inside the brushless motor to reduce the loss of brushes to the motor, effectively increase the use cycle of the motor, but also to improve the efficiency of the motor.

    Through the above comparison, we can know that high torque bldc gear motor will improve the performance, improve the efficiency of use, but also can reduce some unnecessary costs.

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