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    Structure of A/C blower fan


    he use of blowers is already very extensive, and occasionally the use of blowers can be seen on the street. There are many applications of blowers on electrical appliances. Do you know that blowers are early enough? Let's take the A/C blower fan as an example to introduce its internal structure.

    The driving method of the blower is driven by electric energy. There is a motor for energy conversion inside the product; the air filter prevents the dust particles from entering the machine and affects the normal use of the machine; the base and the fuel tank are used to fix the product and the parts in the product. It acts as a lubricant; there is also an air chamber and a casing. Through these parts and some small parts, a product is formed.

    A/C blower fan

    Different parts in the product can play a key role. When selecting the parts that make up the rotor, it is necessary to consider whether the size of the product and the utilization rate of the parts can be maximized. Each product is equipped with a base. It can be run smoothly without borrowing foreign objects, or it can be used as an external part on other machines.

    In the process of using the product, because of the participation of lubricating oil, the noise generated during friction is reduced. The way to lubricate the gear and the bearing shaft is different. For the gear and retrograde lubrication, it is immersed in the lubricant, while the bearing shaft is lubricated by the splash type, so that the lubrication effect can be ensured. Reduce the loss of lubricant.

    From the above, it is known that the basic components in the A/C blower fan do not play a big role in separation, but put together is a widely used machine. Interested in air-conditioning blowers, you can leave contact information, we will have professionals to communicate with you, look forward to your visit.

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