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DC 305mm 24V Brushless Axial Fan Replace SPAL510

DC 305mm Brushless Axial Fan / Condenser Fan can replace SPAL fan BBL510.This model is 24V and IP68 waterproof. long lifetime for work, indidually packing for fan , fast delivery ,  We can customized the specification for you
  • WBLF-1251-BS4950

  • Sunlight

  • 4450m3h

  • Pull

  • >25000hours

  • IP68

  • Truck/ Bus / Electrical new energy

  • PWM

  • DC

  • 1 year

  • 12In

  • 24V

  • ≤37A

  • 950W


Specifitaion of DC 305mm 24V Brushless Axial Fan

Model WBLF-1251-BS4950
Max fan speed 1500rpm
Min fan speed 4400rpm
Noise level 60dBA
Weight 3.5kg
Lifetime up to 25000 hours depending on mission profile
Time from 0 rpm to max speed 8S
Range of working temperature -40 ~ +80℃
Operating power supply voltage range 18-32V

We have 12-24V brushless axial fan,and 200W-950W.We will recomemd u the correct model according to your specifications.

Performance diagram of DC 305mm 24V Brushless Axial Fan

Air volume and current curve chart

Performance diagram

Drawing of DC 305mm 24V Brushless Axial Fan


Real photo of DC 305mm 24V Brushless Axial Fan

Brushless Axial Fan-2

Brushless Axial Fan-3

Advantages of DC 305mm 24V Brushless Axial Fan

1.Independent research and development fan blades and driver

2.High power

3.low noise

4.IP68 protection level

5.The fan can realize stepless speed regulation.

6.The working environment is -40℃~+ 100℃

7.Passed EMC certification,meets ISO 16750:2010 standards

8.The fan blade and motor structure have applied for domestic and international invention patents.

Application of DC 305mm 24V Brushless Axial Fan

Brushless axial fan can be used in Ambulance,Loader,Construstion machinery,Drilling truck,Manure truck,corn reciver,Excavator,Snow shovel,Bus,Engineering vehicle,Forestry machinery,Refrigeration truck and so on.

application-new energy vehicle

New energy vehicle

充电桩new energy charging pile

Hydrogen fuel vehiclehydrogen fuel vehicles


About us


Since 1990

Sunlight provides the market with a wide range of high performance brushless fans and blowers, specially designed to meet new generation cooling systems requirements in every industry.

Currently our company has passed ISO9001 and YS16949,also brushless axial fans have got then CE,RoHS certification.

Our principle: Quality is our life, technical is the basic, be honest and faithful to our partners. At the same time, we pay more attention on team work and improving the staff skills.Customer requirements and the innovation of technology as our guide, try to be the market leader of axial fan business.

Certifations of DC 305mm 24V Brushless Axial Fan

EMC certificate for brushless fan - sunlight motor


EMC certificate


CEPCT certification


ISO9000 certification




patent for invention -2


patent for invention


Utility patents


Utility patents-3


Exhibition of DC 305mm 24V Brushless Axial Fan

We attended Bauma Fair In German and Shanghai,Frankfurt Shanghai,CIAAR Shanghai.

exhibition show room

Shanghai BAUMA  Exhibition

exhibition-show room-5jpg

Shanghai Frankfurt  Exhibition



Test  experiment of DC 305mm 24V Brushless Axial Fan





DC 305mm 24V Brushless Axial Fan are shipped all over the  world  

delivery brushless fans-5

delivery   DC Fans

delivery fans

delivery to  European

delivery brushless fan

delivery brushless fans

delivery goods

delivery axial fans


Q :    Why are you choose Sunlight DC 305mm 24V Brushless Axial Fan ?

A:     1、Our factory is certified by IATF16949

        2、We have a complete range of specifications.All products shall be inspected 100% before shipment

        3、The DC 305mm 24V Brushless Axial Fan performance is great ,strange air flow ,low noise , hight waterproof  IP 68  and longtime

        4、fans are widely used ,it is mainly to use in engineering trucks,  bus airdition system , especially for new energy vehicle and new energy ,charging pile heat dissipation sysem and so on,It is very polpular in the market.

        5、We have a professional customer service team and engineering team,specially designed to meet new generation cooling systems.

        6、 Delivery fast ,For samples: within 7days; For orders: within 15days.

Q:Why is the quality of our DC 305mm 24V Brushless Axial Fan reliable?

A: 1、We have a professional R & D technical team, 8 doctoral students, 5 electrical engineers, 3 structural engineers

    2、Our engineering team develops and designs drive control panels to meet different customer needs

    3、The fan blade of our DC 305mm 24V Brushless Axial Fan is independently developed and designed, and has a patent for invention

    4、We have perfect testing equipment ,Wind tunnel  experiment  equipment , vibration test bech  high and low temperature equipment  and noise room and so on .

    5、Our DC 305mm 24V Brushless Axial Fan have been used in a large number of market oems, and can be applied to all kinds of working conditions, and the customer  feedback   is very good。

Q:Why do most customers prefer DC 305mm 24V Brushless Axial Fan?

A:  1、More energy saving and environmental protection, reduce energy consumption

     2、The same power DC fan , brushless current is lower, more air volume, higher efficiency

     3、Can realize a variety of types of speed control

     4、long lifetime ,one brushless fan lifetime =equal to eight brush fans

Q: What is the airflow of DC 305mm 24V Brushless Axial Fan?

A: The installation is flexible, it can be installed on both sides, so it can be used both for suction and blowing.

Q: What is the control method of DC 305mm 24V Brushless Axial Fan?

A: Generally, it is in high level effective, but we have the software team that can customized the control as you need.

Q:Could I take samples to test quality and market in advance?
A: Yes, welcome to take samples to test our quality and service.