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DC Brushless Axial Fan 24V 12inch 305mm replace SPAL338 - WBLF-1251-BS3400

DC 12inch 305mm Brushless Axial Fan / Condenser Fan, 24V, speed 3400RPM, IP68 ,long life 250000H , individually packing , fast delivery.
Custommization available. Specially designed to meet new generation cooling systems requirements in every industry.
The type WBLF-1251-BS3400 replace SPAL BBL338.
  • WBLF-1251-BS3400 replace SPAL338

  • Sunlight

  • 3350m³/H

  • 25000H

  • IP68

  • for Truck, Bus, Engineering Vehicle, new energy Vehicle and so on

  • PWM

  • Brushless

  • 305mm

  • 24V

  • 15A


Specification of WBLF-1251-BS3400 replace SPAL338

1,The motor black wire connect the positive,Brown wire connect the negative . clockwise rotation
2,Axial clearance: 0.25mm Max;
3,Pressure test,:660VAC 1S 5mA;
5,Insulation class:H
6,Insulation resistance:20MΩMIN(500VDC)
7,Operaing temperture:-40-85℃
9,Operaing life:25000 hours Min
10,Vibration :20ms 5G
11,Rated voltage:24VDC Voltage Range:16-32VDC
12,30A Insurance in controller
13,Lead length:500±20mm,A blace∅8 PVCtube length 450
14,Power line model:UL1015 12AWG
15,Weight Approx:3Kg

Features of WBLF-1251-BS3400 replace SPAL338

Max Fan Speed 3400rpm
Min Fan Speed 2000rpm
Weight 2.2KG
Operating supply voltage rang  16V -32V
Operating working temperature range -40°C - 85°C
Storage temperature range -40°C - 120°C
Life time up to 40000 hours depending on missing profile
Time from 0 rpm to max speed 8 seconds
IP grade IP68

The drawing of dimension (mm) WBLF-1251-BS3400 replace SPAL338

brushless axial fan installation size - Sunlight Motorrushless axial fan

Airflow of WBLF-1251-BS3400 replace SPAL338

The yellow line is Current  &  The blue line is Airflow

12inch 381 Airflow

PWM control diagram of WBLF-1251-BS3400 replace SPAL338

SPAL 381 PWM control - Sunlight Motor

Product Picture of WBLF-1251-BS3400 replace SPAL338

Brushless Axial Fan- goods picture - Sunlight Motor


Brushless Axial fans is widely used in various models,such as Ambulance, Loader, Construction machinery, Special vehicle, Manure truck, Corn receiver, Excavator, Snow shovel, Bus, Engineering Vehicle, Forestry Machinery, Refrigeration Truck and so on.

brushless axial fan application - Sunlight Motor


TS16949 certificate-for brushless fan - sunlight motorIATF I16949:2016 Certificate

IATF16949 for brushless fan - sunlight motorIATF 16949:2016 Certificate

EMC certificate for brushless fan - sunlight motorEMC Certificate

CE certificate for brushless fan - sunlight motorCE certificate

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What is DC Brushless Fan 24V 12inch?

A brushless DC Axial fan uses brushless DC motors (BLDC motor) that have a cross pattern arrangement of four permanent magnets mounted on the sides of the rotor. Unlike brushed DC motors, BLDC motors do not require any commutator or brushes to operate.

The brushless DC Axial fan is a combination of a powerful BLDC motor, shaft, and fan blades. These fans are durable, reliable, and highly energy efficient. They do not produce sparks in the circuit and operate noiselessly.

The initial torque produced in DC motors is quite high, and hence, brushless DC Axial fans reach their full potential in no time. Their speed can be controlled merely by increasing or decreasing the voltage input.

DC Brushless Axial fan Behaviour 24V 12inch

To understand the cooling behavior of a brushless DC fan, you first need to understand the working of its components. However, you can understand the general behavior of the fan by closely following the voltage drops and rises in the power supply. DC Brushless Axial fans have three voltage variants: 12V, 24V .

Let us try to understand this through a simple example. If a brushless DC brushless Axial fan operates on 12 volts of voltage, then the fan would have an RPM (revolutions per minute) of around 2500. Suppose the voltage now drops to 9 volts, then the RPM of the fan would be reduced to about 1300. Such factors are taken into serious consideration during the testing and R&D of the product to minimize this possibility, that is decreased RPM with less voltage. An efficient DC brushless  Axial fan is quite stable and works well even during power fluctuations.

DC Brushless Axial Fan Types 24V 12inch

In an environment where air flow is not easily generated naturally, air movement by external force is needed for cooling propose. Nowadays, the air movement is commonly generated by cooling fans which can be differ widely by shapes, sizes, functions etc.. Therefore, Cooling fans have typically classified into 4 categories which include Axial Fans, Centrifugal Fans, Centrifugal blowers, Cross Flow Fans.

Fan Accessories 24V 12inch

Sunlight Brushless Axial fans are the result of more than 10 years engineering experience. Sunlight uses advanced modeling software and computer-assisted simulation systems to develop electric motors and blades that optimize a fan’s ability to pull air cleanly through the radiator core.

While many cooling fans are pieced together from many different vendors, Sunlight controls all aspects of its engineering and manufacturing processes from the design and tooling of injection molds to the winding of each electric motor at its ISO 9001 and TS16949-certified facilities.